Humans and Patterns

Humans and Patterns

As humans we are wired to patterns in all things: shapes in the clouds; constellations; and even that one time you swear Jesus was on your toast!

“It’s a natural bias ingrained within”

Take this character:

What do you believe it represents?

If you read the excerpt, I’m sure you will realise the duality I have been trying to convey. If not, go back and click the button to view the answer.

Based on your life experience, you would have a different answer to that question.

Now consider, that character is a human being – like you and me, more specifically the part of them you can see

Appearance, behavior, mannerisms.

The same way you judged what that character was, is based on your experience and what you can see is the same way we judge humans

Simply consider this logically, only the writer/author and the character (being personified) itself knows the truth behind its visual representation.

As I mentioned earlier we as humans are predisposed to creating patterns. Therefore, we build an image of what the character is, based on what we see. If I asked us to mention the preceding and following characters to the one above, I’m sure we’ll all have our own variations: some are even common with one another, forming a presumption of accuracy.


Commonality != Accuracy


“Never judge a book by its cover”


We say this, yet the very basis of interpersonal relation is sounded on this.

As Christians we must know;

“Only the writer and the character itself knows the truth behind its visual representation.”

We should not view people with our lives, or as a lens, but rather liaise with the common view character, or better still the WRITER.



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