Exclusive: Here’s the Justin Bieber Selfie w/ Biola’s Prez Barry Corey. Sry TMZ.


“I could tell that he had an attraction to people that seemed like it was from the heart.”

Ed: Barry, I got a text that said, “Barry Corey is on TMZ.” My first thought was, “Oh no,” but to my surprise you were the random guy in a video with Justin Bieber. What’s going on and how did you end up in this video?

Barry: My wife Paula and I were at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills meeting with a family whose children attend Biola. I had left something in the car, so my wife waited inside and I asked the valet guys to retrieve my car. While I was waiting there, this young guy wearing sweats, and a sweatshirt, with a baseball hat on, was hugging the bellmen and telling them they’re blessed or something like that.

Then, he started singing Marvin Gaye’s ‘Sexual Healing,’ and I knew the song since it came out in 1982 when I was in college. I thought, This guy seems like a happy guy, he’s connecting with people. As he was singing next to me, I kept glancing to my left, and then I noticed that he was reaching his hand out to me.

I’m this 57-year-old out-of-touch dad, so I didn’t know who he was. But I did figure out he must be a celebrity, maybe a rapper or an actor or something, because of the way people were reacting to him and because of where we were. So I wanted to take a selfie.

Ed: So you didn’t know it was Justin Bieber?

Barry: No. And he was there with a young lady who I later found out was his new bride Hailey. But I heard somebody say, “Hey Justin,” and immediately I thought, “Oh, it’s Justin Timberlake.” Later, when I told my wife about it, she told me it sounded more like Justin Bieber than Justin Timberlake.

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