Wheaton College, Controversial Speakers, and Some Factivism


Ryan Bomberger brings up another controversial speaker, but it just distracts from the real issue.

Yesterday, I shared an article entitled “Abortion, Black Lives Matter, and Wheaton.” I was responding to several articles from Ryan Bomberger, who spoke at Wheaton College in November of last year. (Be sure to read the original article before this one.)

As I explained in that article, several students were concerned about some things Bomberger said. Those students went to their elected student reps, and the Wheaton students worked with their staff contacts to send an email to their peers. Then, Bomberger started writing multiple articles saying he was silenced, slandered, and more.

Contrary to Bomberger’s comments, this is not about Wheaton “silencing” or “slandering.” It’s about a disagreement between Bomberger and several students concerning a conversation they had after his speech. He strongly objected to the email the student government leaders sent to other students.

As I’ve acknowledged previously, I don’t know exactly what was said—only Bomberger and the students do, since it happened after the video stopped. Perhaps we’d like to hear more, but Bomberger sent an email to several people (including some of the students) saying his organization would talk to their attorneys about whether to pursue this “defamation,” so they may be (not surprisingly) reticent to jump into such conversations now.

Of course, I would be happy to chat with Bomberger anytime. I am not happy, however, to watch him go after the school where I serve without some clarity about what happened.

Why Now?

This was a talk in November—two months ago—so why in the world am I writing now?

Well, because Bomberger continued his writing after the first round, publishing …

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