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Buy your copy of The IF in Life: How to Get Off the Sidelines and Into the End Zone in the Bible Gateway Store where you'll enjoy low prices every dayWhile the Bible doesn’t go into detail on the topic of sports, a few biblical letters include athletic imagery as a metaphor to describe the Christian faith, such as

Physical competition is a great way of thinking about the discipline that should be a part of our faith journey. Modern-day athletes are an extreme example of what can be achieved when discipline and control are combined.

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Devotions for Die-Hard Fans is a free email devotional that draws on inspiring stories from the world of college sports to share biblical insight. When you sign up, each day for two weeks you’ll receive a short reading that looks at a specific person, game, or other event from sports history. Legendary figures, memorable games, improbable victories… all are true stories, but with a new twist: each story is linked to a Bible verse that illuminates a truth about faith.

Devotions for Die-Hard Fans was created by Extra Point Publishers, who selected the best reflections from their extensive library for this special Bible Gateway edition of this devotional. They’re authored by Ed McMinn, a retired pastor who combined his love of sports and his years of ministry experience to write these devotions for fellow sports enthusiasts.

So if you’re a sports fan, go here to sign up; the devotional begins as soon as you subscribe. If you’re not the sports fan in your family or social circle, you almost certainly know somebody who is—be sure to point them to our the signup page!

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