Questions that Awaken a Leader’s Life


Four questions to help guide us into resurrection life.

As leaders in the church or marketplace, we are often and consistently bombarded by questions of all varieties. This can unintentionally create a modus operandi that we are to have all the answers to the most pressing questions. We become the all-knowing source for solutions. Slowly and subtly without us realizing, we forget to ask ourselves questions—the most fundamental questions in life.

Questions probe the heart and reveal our lives. Four questions I have been pondering lately are personal, relational, incarnational, and movemental in nature. The personal is the most indispensable.

Personal Question

1 – Do I have a life worth imitating?

Throwing all masks aside and casting off any sense of false authenticity, is the life that I am currently living worth imitating? Have I discovered a way of life that I would gladly invite others to live into because it is beautiful and good? Is my life rooted in a love that knows no boundaries? Is my hunger for significance grounded in Christ, transcending my current sense of failure or success, inadequacies or gifts?

Have I discovered a joy that can pierce through disappointments, disasters, and distractions? Am I on a pathway that is growing my capacity for peace and patience with people amidst the stress of activity around me and the demanding deadlines ahead of me?

In those moments of thick silence and disrobed solitude, could I say with the Apostle Paul, “Follow me as I follow Christ?” Or is my life more reflective of the “Underground Man” in Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s Notes from the Underground?

The underground man or woman lives in a world divested of transcendency, and thus they are left to scratch and claw for meaning in a horizontal framework. Unable …

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