Advocate for the Unborn by Caring for the Living


Caring for women and protecting babies don’t need to be mutually exclusive.

Last Tuesday, the state of New York passed the Reproductive Health Act signing into law a bill that will allow women to receive an abortion up until the baby’s due date. It is, as of now, the most expansive law of its kind in the country but perhaps not for long—pro-abortion advocates are already gearing up for other states to follow New York’s lead.

This development comes at a peculiar time when the American populace has actually been becoming more and more pro-life in recent years. In fact, according to Gallup poll data, 56 percent of Americans in 1995 would have self-described as pro-choice; this number, by 2018, has decreased to 48 percent. Likewise, the number of Americans identifying themselves as pro-life has climbed an enormous fifteen percentage points over that same time frame.

Beyond that, a vast majority (75 percent) of Americans support significant abortion restrictions. Even 60 percent of Democrats support restricting abortion after a woman reaches three months of pregnancy.

While New York’s passing of this law does little to reflect the ideals of the American populace as whole, it nevertheless will have great effect on the lives of thousands of women and children throughout the state.

When laws like this change, people can and should voice their opposition. As we’ve seen over the course of the past week, many continue to rise in defense of the unborn children whose voices have been stifled and human worth called into question. In fact, several states have proposed the passing of ‘heartbeat bills’ making an abortion illegal after a heartbeat has been detected in the baby.

But while legal recourse can be effective, it’s not always possible. In cases when convincing …

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