All the Ways to Listen to Free Audio Bibles and Devotionals with Bible Gateway


When every day is at least one hour too short and life is too hectic to make a proper breakfast, taking a few minutes to focus on the Bible is a challenge for many of us. That’s why Bible Gateway has dozens of free audio Bibles in over 10 different languages; and multiple, convenient ways of accessing these audio Bibles. This post will summarize the extent of the audio features that Bible Gateway offers to make it easier for you to navigate the available options and spend more time in the Word.

First, you may have known that the Bible Gateway website and the Bible Gateway App Download the free Bible Gateway Appoffer a number of popular Bible translations in different narration styles.

To listen to these or any of the other available audio Bibles, go to our Audio Bibles page on the Bible Gateway website. Once there, select your desired Bible language and version from the drop-down menu, along with the Bible book and chapter you’d like to start with. Then, just click the Play button directly beneath the drop-downs.

If you’ve downloaded the Bible Gateway App, you can listen from there when you tap the Audio Bible section in the dashboard. And, from there, it’s the same simple process of selecting the translation, reader (or narration style, if there is more than one option under your chosen translation) and the Bible passage you’d like to listen to.

Second, did you know you can also listen to audio devotionals from the Bible Gateway website?

Audio devotionals make it easy to benefit from a worthwhile devotion while you’re getting dressed in the morning, packing the kids off to school, or just brushing your teeth before bed. Run times range from five minutes to a half hour, so there’s always a devotion to fit your schedule.

To get started, go to the Audio Bibles page on Bible Gateway. Scroll down to the Devotional Audio section, and click the one you want to listen to. The devotional will open in the Bible Gateway audio player (a separate window) and begin playing.

There are currently five audio devotionals available. Choose between:

  • The Story of Jesus: The Story of Jesus is a compelling, easy-to-follow presentation that is rooted in the clear, accessible language of the NIV Bible translation. Revealing and insightful, this is the Jesus story in a concise, single narrative.
  • Eternal Words: Music and Scripture that will bring joy to your heart and peace to your soul, arranged topically using the NIV.
  • Witness the Bible: Genesis to Jesus: Walk through the Bible with your children in these action-packed, radio theater-style dramatizations from the 1599 Geneva Bible.
  • Can I Trust the Bible? by R. C. Sproul: Dr. R. C. Sproul shows there are many solid reasons to trust the Bible and affirms a high view of Scripture—that it is inspired of God and therefore inerrant and infallible. Can I Trust the Bible? is part of the 10-volume Crucial Questions series, available in both audio and print.
  • Twenty-Three: The Scripture Set to Song: Listen to the encouraging words of Psalm 23 set to music.

Audio Bibles have long been a popular part of Bible Gateway, but audio devotionals are something of a hidden gem on Bible Gateway, and we want to make sure you know they’re there!

Last, but definitely not least: you may have heard about our new Bible Audio App. It’s separate from the main Bible Gateway App. This app, also free to Download Bible Gateway’s New Bible Audio Appdownload in iOS or Android, synchronizes audio and text together, and it makes listening to the Bible an even better experience.

With Bible Gateway’s Bible Audio App you can listen as well as read along with the Bible wherever you have an internet connection.

Bible Gateway’s Bible Audio App is a great tool to help you memorize Bible verses and passages. The verse text appears on your screen as you listen and changes when the spoken verse changes. And you can quickly swipe to navigate between verses. The perfect tool for auditory learners, students, or anyone who just prefers listening and reading along.

Listen to a variety of Bible translations, all of which are available in both text and audio. And you can adjust the playback speed, making this a much more custom Bible-listening experience.

Connect with God’s Word during your commute to work, while doing housework, or at any other time during your busy day. Check out these free resources to listen to audio Bibles in your web browser or on your mobile device wherever you are.

Study the Bible with confidence and convenience by becoming a member of Bible Gateway Plus. Try it right now!

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