20 Truths from “The Marriage Knot”


Excerpts from the Zappia’s new book that will entice you to read the rest of it and strengthen your marriage bond.

1 – “Eventually, left unattended and unchecked, the knot comes undone” (Page 9).

2 – “It’s way easier to tie the marriage knot together at the altar on that perfect but expensive wedding day than it is to do the hard work of tightening it each day, week, month and year” (Page 9).

3 – “In God’s eyes, two are better than one” (Page 11).

4 – “We’re joined in marriage to get the most out of life. That’s God’s heart and his gracious desire is that we wouldn’t do life alone but rather we would be in partnership together seeing more, enjoying more and accomplishing more as we truly are better together. That’s why we need each other” (Page 12).

5 – “In our marriage relationships, we need to fight for the ‘we’ over the ‘me’” (Page 17).

6 – “As your marriage grows stronger in the Lord, you become a beacon of hope for those around you” (Page 19).

7 – “As a husband or wife, the spiritual choices we make determine whether we grow closer to God or move further away from Him” (Page 28).

8 – “God’s got a work He wants to do in you, God’s got a work He wants to do in your spouse, God’s got a work He wants to do your marriage. And it all starts with the choices to build on the rock individually and collectively” (Page 31).

9 – “The truth is that God has deposited himself in you by His Holy Spirit to guarantee the results He desires in you” (Page 35).

10 – “The Bible tells us we can win people over with our works better than we can with our words” (Page 39).

11 – “Let’s face …

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