Get Free Excerpts from the Unpublished Teachings of Dallas Willard


Bible Gateway has a new, free, 15-day devotional bringing you the never-before-published wisdom and teachings of Christian philosopher Dallas Willard! In this devotional, Willard discusses relevant topics such as how to have a deep hunger for God, how prayer can lead to action, and how believers can pursue spiritual disciplines in their own lives.

Willard, who passed away in 2013, dedicated his life to encouraging Christians to experience their faith actively and joyfully. His hope was that each and every follower of Jesus would make an active, everyday decision to serve their Lord, rather than lead a life of passive faith.

The free 15 Day Devotional for a Life of Spiritual Growth offers a collection of inspirational examinations of believers’ struggles. Each day focuses on one topic with the foundation of an introductory Bible passage. Each reading is short but challenging. You’ll emerge from this devotional experience with a renewed commitment to live your faith actively and intentionally. And you’ll also have gotten to know one of the great Christian writers and thinkers of the modern church.

Life Without Lack

This devotional coincides neatly with Willard’s recent, posthumous book, Life Without Lack: Living in the Fullness of Psalm 23. While the free email devotional doesn’t draw directly from the book, it is a good introduction to Willard’s work, and, after signing up, you may be interested in checking out the book as well, which is a far more in-depth exploration of one of the most popular Psalms. In Life Without Lack, Willard reveals the secret to a life of contentment, peace, and security by demonstrating how to practice living in God’s presence and become completely caught up in his abundant generosity. The book is based on a series of his talks.

And if you’re interested in all things Willard, you’ll also enjoy the free email Dallas Willard Daily Devotional on Bible Gateway, which provides 365 days of inspirational readings from across Willard’s work.

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