New Additions to Bible Gateway Plus in Time for Easter


Bible Gateway has recently added no less than 4 Study Bibles and Commentaries to its extensive resource library, Bible Gateway Plus.

Those additions are:

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We’re excited to be able to share the notes from these excellent resources with you when you sign up for a 30-day free trial to Bible Gateway Plus. Below is a brief introduction to each of the new additions.

How to Read the Bible through the Jesus Lens

How to Read the Bible through the Jesus Lens

This commentary explains the themes and delves into pertinent questions about the contemporary importance of every book of the Bible.

Each note is organized as a summary of the book and as a biblical lesson or study that prompts a Christ-focused reading of Scripture. Highly effective as a biblical survey tool,especially during the Easter season

NIV Application Commentaries for the books of Mark & Proverbs

NIV Application Commentary

These are the second and third volumes of the NIV Application Commentary that we’ve added to Bible Gateway Plus. They join the commentary notes on Genesis and are compelling reasons for becoming a Bible Gateway Plus member. This highly-extensive and relevant commentary series is one of the most robust note-systems in the Bible Gateway Plus library.

The NIV Application Commentary on Mark equips you to explore deep biblical questions in the second Gospel. Take a preview look at this entry on the Last Supper in Mark 14. If you’re looking for a rewarding challenge during the Easter season, consider walking through the Gospel of Mark with this resource as your guide.

And how many of us have found it difficult to read the book of Proverbs? With the NIV Application Commentary notes on Proverbs, you can become more familiar with its themes and applications.

NRSV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible

NRSV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible

This series of notes is designed to expand your understanding and appreciation for Scripture by focusing on the cultural and historical perspectives during biblical times. These notes join its counterpart, the NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible, also included in the Bible Gateway Plus library.

Now readers of the New Revised Standard Version can fully appreciate this Study Bible’s information on customs, historical backgrounds, wordplays, and references to ancient literature and events. Using this scholarly tool in your “Study This” sidebar on Bible Gateway, you’ll have access to verse-by-verse study notes and articles as well as charts, maps, and diagrams when you sign up for a Bible Gateway Plus membership.

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