Learn More About Passover and Why It’s Celebrated


Both Easter and Passover are celebrations of resounding hope. This year, Passover begins on the 19th of April and ends the 27th, and—though it may not be a holiday you’re used to thinking about during this season of celebration—it’s a great time to reflect upon God’s power. Bible Gateway has a new devotional where you can learn about it.

The Jewish observance of Passover, which finds its biblical origins in the story of the Exodus, is a celebration of freedom, of redemption, and of God’s eternal love and provision for his children. From this timeless story are found the most basic and fundamental principals in Judaism and Christianity—that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob cares about his people, that he hears our prayers, and most importantly, that he intervenes in human history in order to bring about justice and salvation so that we may serve and worship him.

This 8-day free email devotional series from the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews will help you understand how the Passover story reveals to the world the God who is all-loving, all-powerful, and just. Sign up today so you don’t miss The Passover Experience. Starts April 19th.

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