Some Great Evangelism Articles: My Judgmental Look at the 2019 EPA Higher Goals Contest


The top five pieces on evangelism in descending order.

I was asked to be a judge this year for the 2019 Evangelical Press Association Higher Goals Contest for the area of evangelism.

There were around 29 articles written by gifted men and women on various aspects of evangelism. In all honesty, I tend to like almost anything about reaching people, so picking 5 is a challenge. (Can I give everyone a participation trophy?)

While I applaud all those that competed, I want to highlight the top five in descending order. I will also attach the link to the article so that you can go and check them out.

#5 — “Salvation Bracelets in Africa? No, Thanks” by Melanie Clinton

Some people don’t see the need for good contextualization. They believe people need to stick with telling the truth and preaching the word. I’m all for telling the truth and preaching the word. Here’s the problem, though: I can speak the truth and preach the word in English all day long, but if I’m speaking to a group of French-speaking West Africans, it does me no good.

Melanie Clinton’s article gives us a reminder that, while salvation bracelets are an evangelistic hit at the local Vacation Bible School here in America, they aren’t, in West Africa. Based upon how Africans understand color and perceive “beads,” the use of a salvation bracelet is ineffective.

Just as in Africa, we in America need to engage in good contextualization for greater gospel impact. Melanie writes, “In order to share the gospel effectively, we have to forget what feels comfortable and natural in our own culture and embrace what works in the culture we’re serving in.”

In short, engaging in good contextualization leads to greater gospel impact.

#4 — “Four Practices …

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