8 Things the World Desperately Needs from Evangelicals Right Now


It is not difficult to see that our reputation as evangelicals has some challenges.

It seems that in recent years, the world’s appreciation for evangelicals has fast eroded – and perhaps not for the right reasons. It’s not our bold and faith-filled proclamation of the gospel that has been so off-putting – persecution for that, we should wear as a badge of honor. No, it’s something less inspiring, less noble, and less selfless. It seems to boil down to drawing lines and choosing sides in a culture war.

And now, it is not difficult to see that our reputation as evangelicals seems to range somewhere between a bland net-neutrality of public helpfulness to a raging dumpster-fire of self-interest that is unceasingly poured out over red-hot cultural coals. Many of us see the shockwaves of damage emanating from those of us who have confused our spiritual allegiances from an eternal Kingdom to a lesser more sensual political/cultural kingdom. We see it, and we do not want to share in the same corrupting exchange.

So, what should be our response?

What does the world need to see in those of us who claim the Kingdom of God as our highest loyalty? What does the world need to hear from those of us who actively struggle to resist the fleshly gravitational pull toward selfish cultural tribalism? What signals must be sent with unmuddled clarity to a world that increasingly doubts the spiritual authenticity of our motivations or the righteousness of our actions?

With the confidence and conviction coming from the words of Jesus, allow me to articulate eight cultural postures that we, as evangelicals, must wholeheartedly embrace if we are ever to regain a credible voice. These eight postures were first articulated by our Kingdom’s King as he, through the weakness of preaching, distilled the substance …

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