White Fragility: All Truth Matters


God can and will reveal His truth in unexpected places.

While reading this article it would be important to refer to the first post in this series, which lists DiAngelo’s definitions, including:

“Whiteness rests upon a foundational premise: the definition of whites as the norm or standard for human, and people of color as a deviation from that norm.” (p.25)

White supremacy: DiAngelo seeks to redefine the term white supremacy to show it refers not only to radicalized right wingers but to “the all-encompassing centrality and assumed superiority of people defined and perceived as white and the practices based on this assumption. White supremacy in this context does not refer to individual white people and their individual intentions or actions but to an overarching political, economic, and social system of domination.” (p. 28)

From Dr. Caldwell:

Dr. Robin DiAngelo is characterized by some believers as an unbeliever that Christians cannot learn from. This is evidenced by descriptors of her writings as false, contradictory and harmful. Other characterizations claim the New York Times best-selling author of White Fragility does have a few truths that believers can glean from, such as identifying and naming the harms of white supremacy and acknowledging systemic racism. Criticisms on her writings are centered on a serious lack of empirical evidence, focus on problems instead of redemption, and creating more division than unity. My review will not address all the aforementioned assumptions from her critics. My contribution will focus on sound evidence presented by DiAngelo to counteract false and incomplete narratives surrounding her stance on truth, knowledge, and redemption.

Arthur J. Holmes is credited for proclaiming “All truth is God’s truth.” …

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