One-on-One with R. York Moore on ‘Seen. Known. Loved.’


How to use the 5 love language to deepen your relationship with God.

Ed: What is the basic message of Seen.Known.Loved?

Moore: We want people to learn how to feel God’s love—to actually experience it. We believe it isn’t good enough or God’s plan that we should just merely know about His love, but rather that we should be in love with Him and experience His love in meaningful, tangible ways. Through this book, we help readers connect the unique way in which they experience love (The 5 Love Languages) with their deepest hope and aspiration and then show them how God has already been working specifically in these areas throughout their lives to draw them into relationship with Himself. Our ultimate hope is that readers come to faith in Christ, begin to love the Bible, practice prayer, and find authentic and transformative Christian community. This is the perfect book to gift to non-Christians and through extensive field testing, we have recorded that most readers as a result of the book make a commitment to Bible reading and many have given their lives to Christ.

Ed: What was the inspiration behind the book?

Moore: It is no secret that Dr. Gary Chapman’s ‘5 Love Languages’ is a global phenomenon. It has impacted millions of lives and countless marriages. I (York) have also been deeply shaped by the 5 Love Languages early in my marriage and owe a great deal of my success in marriage to Dr. Gary Chapman’s work. Over the last 30 years as an evangelist, I have come to believe that there is a corresponding concept to the 5 Love Languages I call the ‘5 Heart Hopes.’ The 5 Heart Hopes are the deep core drivers that shape and define people and their decisions. Their Heart Hope is directly correlated to their Love Language. When Gary and I got …

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