Skip Heitzig on Supporting Donald Trump: Promises Made, Promises Kept


Trump advisory board member Skip Heitizig reflects on the the last four years as he casts his 2020 vote for Donald Trump.

All presidential candidates make promises, but when those promises are kept while in term, the office-bearer deserves both credit and consideration for further service. It is on this basis that I am voting for Trump to have a second term as President of the United States. Whatever you may think of his personality, midnight tweets or debate style, Donald J. Trump has delivered the goods. The singular reason that so many evangelical Christians have voiced their support of this President is that he has promised and produced results on key issues that are near and dear to the heart of the Christian church—principally the right for the unborn to live, and Supreme Court Justices. As a registered Independent I am satisfied that this president has advanced the conservative agenda for both.

In 2016, Trump ran on the promise of Supreme Court appointments and the sanctity of human life, two issues which brought out the evangelical vote in troves. Then he delivered by appointing three conservative Justices to the high court, fulfilling his promise to voters to appoint constitutional Justices. What a scene played out only a few nights ago at the White House when Clarence Thomas, a black Supreme Court Justice, stood face-to-face with the newly appointed Amy Coney Barrett for her swearing in ceremony. The irony of the event lay in the fact that the only ones complaining were Democrats, the supposed party keen to tout racial equality and women’s rights! Both of these SOCTUS Justices are an inspiration to countless Americans, and the Democrat party could only cry foul. Add to that the fact that Trump also appointed nearly 200 judges to lower federal courts with lifetime appointments.

Then there is Trump’s unabashed support …

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