The Ministry Must Go On: A Personal Call to Action for Churches


It’s time to push forward in new and creative ways in children’s ministry.

It seems like every Monday since March, a new message presents itself as a theme for the week. Depending on where we focus our attention, this message might come from the news, social media, or from God’s Word (if we’re really paying attention).

At the onset of the pandemic, some familiar messages you probably heard included: Hunker down and stay safe at home. Flatten that curve. Wear a mask.

As the pandemic set in as a seemingly short-term reality, our influencers—whether actual, real-life figures in our lives or social media personalities—told us: Make the most of this time at home. Let’s bake bread and plant a garden. Or, Virtual church and Sunday School are great!

Now, we’re hearing: We need to watch and wait to see how this thing plays out. The new normal will be different for all of us.

As a mom of three teens and a ministry leader who oversees LifeWay Kids, these messages, at times, have been confusing and nearly paralyzing.

My family lives in a school district that has deemed it unsafe to go to school in person, so all of my kids are doing virtual school indefinitely. Yet, other schools within a stone’s throw are going back. This is difficult in a household with two working parents and three kids who developmentally need to be in community and engage in face-to-face learning.

However, I’ve challenged myself to shake off this “watch and wait” message until things seem to be normal. This would be a huge mistake if I chose to persist in this type of mindset since my children’s education is at stake.

We must move through this pandemic—since there’s no way around it. And by “we,” I don’t just mean school parents. I’m talking …

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