Daily Archives: November 10, 2020

Jon Tyson: ‘Run into the Controversy’

Why the NYC pastor’s goal is “to winsomely offend everybody.” For many preachers, it can be difficult to navigate how best to approach passages that name specific sins, command obedience, or contain exhortations for...

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The 144 Million and Counting

A historic election turnout augurs well for American democracy. But there is greater truth than voting can determine. Turnout for this presidential election looks to be the largest in 120 years. Partisan passions over...

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Foxhole Faith in Nagorno-Karabakh

Armenian and Azerbaijani Christians find comfort in the Scriptures and fervent prayer as the war in the Caucasus takes a dramatic turn. Editor’s note: CT’s complete coverage of Armenian Christians is here. The Armenian...

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