How Can I Share Jesus This Christmas?


Christmas present us with a unique opportunity to share the best gift of all, the Gospel.

Christmas is a time with unique opportunities to share Christ with family and friends. We share out of our love for Christ and our love for others. Of course, Christmas is also a time of raised hopes and fragile expectations that can easily crash into disappointments, especially in the year of COVID-19. These too can open a door to Gospel conversations that point to gifts of grace that moths and rust cannot destroy nor thieves break in and steal. The Gospel speaks of lasting joys that the angels themselves said on that first Christmas morning “Let Heaven and Earth proclaim, that to us a Savior is born, Christ the Lord”!

I think Christmas is one of the easiest times to share the Gospel. However, family patterns and subcultures can make that difficult. Today, I want to help train your eyes to see opportunities to see where you might be able to share despite these difficulties. Before we do this, though, we must cultivate our own love for Jesus. It is always easy to talk about the things you love, and to do it with authenticity. A grandmother does not have to be coerced to break out pictures of the grandkids and speak of them. A sports enthusiast speaks frequently and with ease about the team he or she follows with passion. So too, sharing the Gospel with passion and authenticity begins with a growing love for Jesus.

Furthermore, because we know God loves us, even if we do not have the gift of evangelism, we can grow and learn from our mistakes. None of us innately have most life skills. If you waited till you were ready to marry, nobody would marry. If you waited until you were ready to have children, the whole human race would end this generation! We function awkwardly. A toddler learning to walk falls down and …

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