D.A. Horton: A Missiological Assessment of Critical Race Theory II


The second installment of CRT through a missiologist’s eyes.

In part-one I laid out a brief history and basic heart (or themes) of CRT. In parts two and three I bring CRT’s themes to Scripture for an objective measurement of its claims.

A Biblical Assessment of CRT

“Race” is Man-Made that created Privilege for “Whiteness”

Claim: Race is man-made.

Biblical Response: God created every human in His image. Adam and Eve are humanity’s first parents (cf. Gen 1-2; Acts 17:26; Gen 3:20).[1] Genesis 3 records the fall of humanity into sin, which every descendant of Adam equally inherited (Rom 5:12-21).[2] Scripture does not label humans by the racial categories used today but instead by ethnicity, language, geographic proximity [3], and if they’re in a covenant relationship with God or not. Scripture says humanity is one race comprised by a gorgeous array of ethnicities God created from His genius for His glory (Acts 17:26).

This truth connects to the gospel. In the Garden of Eden, vertically God and humanity, and horizontally man and woman were conciled because of the absence of animosity, distrust, and hostility.[4] In the fall, every human from every ethnicity in Adam’s biological line were separated from God due to sin but can be reconciled (once again conciled) through the work of Jesus Christ alone (Eph 2:1-22; 2 Cor 5:17-21; Rev 7:9; 21:24-26). CRT’s claim ‘race is man-made’ holds up in light of Scripture and provides a clear pathway for global evangelism.

Claim: Whiteness is created and provides privileges for those who are “White”.

Biblical Response: First, Scripture is clear, God does not show partiality (cf. Deut 10:17; 2 Chron 19:7; Mal 2:1-9; Rom 2:1-11; 1 Pet 1:15-17) and His followers are commanded to imitate …

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