SBC African American Fellowship on CRT and SBC Seminary Presidents


Black SBC leaders speak out against, “delegitimizing and dismissing the lived experiences of African Americans.”

One of the National African American Fellowship’s purposes is to sensitize SBC leaders to concerns in the African American community. In this spirit, NAAF met with the SBC Council of Seminary Presidents on January 6th, has communicated with written letters and submitted recommendations to the Council of Seminary Presidents to provide a pathway towards restoring unity within the Convention. Accordingly, NAAF releases the following statement:

On December 9, 2020, The National African American Fellowship expressed its objection to the Council of Seminary Presidents’ statement asserting CRT’s incompatibility in all its forms with the Baptist Faith and Message in a published statement on November 30, 2020.

We believe that certain limited insights from CRT, not as an ideology or worldview, can be useful to identify and repudiate racial bias and systemic racism in organizations and institutions. We believe that discussions on systemic racism and racial injustice requires understanding, patience, and grace.

The CSP statement has the effect of delegitimizing and dismissing the lived experiences of African Americans and other ethnic groups. We strongly believe that any discussions on systemic racism must consider the lived experiences of Blacks and other ethnic groups.

In light of the above, and as a way forward in bringing healing and a better understanding among Southern Baptists, we have asked the seminary presidents to:

1. Join the NAAF in co-hosting a series of open forums to facilitate conversations among Southern Baptist on biblical approaches to addressing systemic racism in our institutions, organizations and churches;

2. Require a course related to the historical and theological understanding of race and racism …

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