The Fire This Time: Reflections on a Year of Racial Reckoning


A free webinar on how it has changed us, and where the church should go from here.

One year after George Floyd’s death, Christianity Today invites Christian scholars, ministers, and activists to discuss the meaning of a transformative era in American society. How has it changed us, and where does the church go from here?

Panelists include: Cecilia Williams (president, Christian Community Development Association), Theon Hill (professor, Wheaton College), Noemi Vega Quinones (PhD student and InterVarsity director), Emmett G. Price (pastor and professor, Gordon-Conwell Seminary), Kimani Francois (MDiv student and host of Kiki’s Corner), and Troy Jackson (co-creator,

Join us for this free webinar on May 26 at 1 pm CDT. Register now!

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